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Improving quality of product and services

Since 2017, Maintaining the quality of services, products & workplace is always to be the first plan of sofweners .


Focused on Quality, We have Trained developers & High degree of reliability

Software Development

It has always been our mentality to provide users with a system that requires less effort to understand because we do the thinking for them. The heavy lifting is done by us so that the client gets the end product as user-friendly as it can get.

Web Development

We design efficient and functional web apps. The best apps are that which seem simple but can work in various depths without slowing the latency of the overall system. We specialize in those kinds of design and development.

Mobile Application

The catering for the clients is not limited to web apps or websites, as we also design and develop mobile apps. The most popular of the mobile app market are Android and iOS, and we create apps on both platforms as per the request of the clients.

Telco Integration

In emerging markets, direct carrier billing is often the only way for users to purchase online content and services. Digital content and physical services merchants are increasingly relying on carrier billing because a growing amount of their users are located in these markets. Integrate benefits of NTC, NCELL to your application.

Chat Bot Development

Before designing conversation for chatbot, identify and understand the goals of the customer. To be more specific, understand why the client wants to build a chatbot and what does the customer want his chatbot to do. Finding answers to this query will guide the designer to create conversations aimed at meeting end goals

API Development & Integration

Most modern applications use APIs to build the core of the application upon which the graphical interfaces are built. These interfaces can be mobile apps, desktop applications, and even websites. By having the business logic in a central place, you enjoy the benefit of only having to develop the most complex piece of code just once.


Dedicated Support team, 24X7 Support, User friendly UI/UX, Secure & Reliable

Educational Management Information System

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Welcome to our state-of-the-art Educational Management Information System (EMIS), designed to streamline and enhance the administrative and operational aspects of educational institutions. Our comprehensive system offers a range of modules to cater to various functions crucial for efficient school management. Whether online or offline, our EMIS ensures seamless operations, allowing educational institutions to focus on delivering quality education.


  • Billing
  • Account
  • Library
  • Admission & Examination
  • HR (Human Resources)
  • Inventory
  • Reception
  • Administration
  • Teachers Module
  • Student & Teacher Mobile App

Key Features

  • Online and Offline Access
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Data Security

Our EMIS is designed with UGC guidelines in mind, aiming to support higher education institutions in achieving compliance and excellence in educational management. Contact us for further details or to discuss how our system can specifically address the unique requirements of your institution in alignment with UGC standards.

ticketing in nepal

Ticketing System

From the beginning of our journey, We want to create the most suitable & complete ticketing system in the community to solve the problem of ticketing and its complexity seamlessly

Features of Ticketing System:

  • Localised & modern UI/UX
  • Role Based, Securely Data Storage & Management
  • Integrated Accounting System
  • Integrated Booking Engine
  • Flexible to Customise as Per Your Requirement
billing system

Billing Engine

We have one of the most robust and modern billing engine, Which can able to create any kind of billing system.

Features of Billing Engine:

  • Localised & modern UI/UX
  • No need to be computer expert to operate
  • Deployed after IRD Verification
  • Fast & Highly secure

Supper Market POS, Hospital Billing, Ticketing Billing, Pharmacy Billing, Hotel & Restaurant Billing are our system which is using the billing engine.

Localisation of Technology

Localisation of technology for better accessibility of technology to local community.

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