Our Specialties

We design software suitable for multiple devices and that are compatible across platforms.

It has always been our mentality to provide users with a system that requires less effort to understand because we do the thinking for them. The heavylifting is done by us so that the client gets the end product as user-friendly as it can get.

We design software suitable for multiple devices and that are compatible across platforms. Our clients request services across multiple devices, be it website, web apps or moblile apps. We create APIs to handle better content and maintain uniformity all across.

We design efficient and functional web apps.

We have the philosophy that we can get the best results as per the client's interests. The functionality of the web apps can be adjusted from simple displays to responsive layouts that help in various areas.
The best apps are that which seem simple but can work in various depths without slowing the latency of the overall system. We specialize in those kinds of design and development.

We design apps for Android or iOS mobile devices.

The catering for the clients is not limited to web apps or websites, as we also design and develop mobile apps. The most popular of the mobile app market are Android and iOS, and we create apps on both platforms as per the request of the clients.
We have a great in house team to materialize any request from the clients, and we take the project deadlines very seriously. If there is a rush as per the client's demand, we have friends we have worked on a regular basis who help out with confidentiality as a priority. Whatever the need, we can handle the request.

Innovative Digital Ad Network

As an online advertising network at AdMana, we are able to reach customers through various channels, including domain, email, apps, web portals, bloggers and many more.

Our goal is to deliver the best advertising services. We continue to find the most advanced solutions to keep up with fast-paced consumers and the ever-changing nature of the Internet. Whether you're an advertiser who wants to reach more customers, or a publisher who needs to earn extra revenue, AdMana has the solution for you.

Advertisers can choose from a wide range of services that cover pretty much every corner of the web. Our display ad network receives over 10 million impressions per day.

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Why Sofwena

We are good

We are good at what we do. We do not accept a project unless we are sure that we can give it our best, and the client can be satisfied by the final product.

We have experience

We have plenty of experience from working on different projects. Our developers have valuable insight into what makes a project tick and the end product reflects that.

We are innovative

We innovate ways in which a project can be made fast and reliable. The ideal project is where the end product is reflective of the client's wishes and is fast functioning.

We make it fun

The global perspective is that programming is boring and needs a technical expertise to even know the basics. That is not true as we treat our team as family and make programming fun. The support and learning environment makes the entire process fun and easygoing.

We support developers

We work well with our in-house team, but we are open to collaborating with various other developers to get the optimum results. We believe that the global developers circle should constantly grow and help each other.

The Best Agriculture Helper in Nepal

I.C.T For Agri (in Short IFA) is a youth lead for profit, registered social enterprise under Office of the Company Registrar at Government of Nepal. Informally started in 2014 as ICT for Agriculture project in collaboration with US Embassy Nepal and run under the management of Creating SMILES –building the Nation (SMILES), it has been registered as separate Social Entrepreneurship Firm in June, 2016. The product, ICT for Agriculture has itself won number of Awards while serving farmers mainly:
a) Data Driven Farming Prize,
b) Nepal Winner at ReConnect Challenge Event,
c) Agriculture Category Winner and Grand Winner at Ncell App Camp Competition, and
d) ICT For Mountain Development Award from ICIMOD.

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